Sūtra 1-48

Sūtra 1-48
ऋतंभरा तत्र प्रज्ञा। (४८)
Ṛtaṁbharā tatra prajñā.
(Ṛtaṁbharā tatra prajñā) (48)
In that state (of sabīja-samāpatti there is) clear cognition is only Truth (of oneself). (48)

Sūtra words 
Ṛtaṁbharā, tatra, and prajñā

Word formation
Ṛtaṁbharā First case singular feminine gender form of Ṛtaṁbhara, a compound formed from Ṛtam and bhara. These two component words are formed from the verbs with suffix ta and bhṛ with suffix a respectively.
Tatra Seventh case singular of the pronoun tat.
Prajñā First person singular feminine gender form of Prajñā from the verb jan  suffixes a and ā

Word meaning
Ṛtaṁbharā Filled with truth, in context it means there is no error or confusion about the nature of oneself. Technically this word is also used in the tradition as a sabīja-samāpatti called dharmamegha.
Tatra There, in that state of sabīja-samāpatti
Prajñā Cognition, understanding

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