Sūtra 1-47

Sūtra 1-47
निर्विचारवैशारद्येऽध्यात्मप्रसादः। (४७)
(Nirvicāra-vaiśāradye adhyātma-prsādaḥ) (47)
When one is an adept in Nirvicāra-samāpatti
there is clarity regarding the core of the self.

Sūtra words
Nirvicāra-vaiśāradye and adhyātma-prsādaḥ

Word formation
Nirvicāra-vaiśāradye Seventh case singular, neuter gender form of Nirvicāra-vaiśāradya, a compound. This sixth case tatpuruṣa compound has two component words, Nirvicāra and vaiśāradya. The second word is formed from viśārada by adding taddhita suffix ya. Viśārada is from the verb śṝ with prefix vi and suffixes ad, and a.
adhyātma-prsādaḥ First case singular, masculine gender form of  adhyātma-prasāda. This sixth case tatpuruṣa compound has two component words, adhyātma and prasāda.
prasāda is derived from the verb sad with prefix pra and suffix a.
adhyātma is an indeclinable compound formed from adhi and ātman

Word meaning
Nirvicāra-vaiśāradye When there is an proficiency in nirvicāra-samāpatti
adhyātma-prsādaḥ (there is) clarity regarding the core of one’s Being, the puruṣa.
adhyātma centered on oneself, core of oneself, core of one’s being. The indeclinable prefix adhi is used in the sense of location.
prasāda clarity, steadiness.

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