Sūtra 1-46

Sūtra 1-46
ता एव सबीजस्समाधिः। (४६)
Tā eva sabījassamādhiḥ.
(Tāḥ eva sabījaḥ samādhiḥ) (46)
They are indeed (only) samādhi-s with seed.

Sūtra words
Tāḥ, eva, sabījaḥ and samādhiḥ

Word formation
Tāḥ First case plural, feminine gender form of the pronoun tat.
eva Indeclinable
sabījaḥ First case singular masculine gender form of the compound sabīja, a compound formed by the component words, the indeclinable saha and bīja.
samādhiḥ First case singular masculine gender form of samādhi, formed from the verb dhā with prefixes sam and ā and the suffix i.

Word meaning
Tāḥ They (meaning the types of samādhi-s mentioned in earlier aphorisms — savitarka, nirvitarka, savicāra and nirvicāra)
eva indeed
sabījaḥ with seed
samādhiḥ samādhi


  • Samādhi / samāpatti with seed indicates that the seed of one’s latent impressions remain, thus the yogin can be potentially taken over by those latent tendencies. That is, all types of samprañata samādhi-s mentioned in sūtra1-17 belong to this type.



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