Sūtra 1-38

tra 1-38
स्वप्ननिद्राज्ञानालम्बनं वा। (३८)
Svapnanidrājñānālambanam vā.* (38)
(Svapna-nidrā-jñāna-ālambanam vā.)
Or (by using the) support of knowledge of dream or deep sleep
(brings about steadiness of mind.)


Sūtra words

Svapnanidrājñānālambanam and


Word Formation

Svapna-nidrā-jñāna-ālambanam: A form of tatpuruṣa compound formed from a dvandva compound svapnanidrā and jñāna; this is again compounded with ālambana to form another tatpuruṣa compound Svapna-nidrā-jñāna-ālambana. The word is in first case singular, neuter gender

Svapna: Formed from the verb svap with the substantive forming suffix na.
nidrā:Formed from the verb nidrā with the addition of a ‘nil’ suffix to form a substantive.
jñāna: Formed from the verb jñā with the substantive forming suffix ana.
ālambanam: Substantive formed from the verb lamb with prefix ā and suffix ana
: indeclinable


Meaning of Words

Svapna-nidrā-jñāna-ālambanam: Support of knowledge of dream or sleep

svapna: dream
nidrā: sleep
jñāna: knowledge
ālambalam: support
: indeclinable

(*This sūtra also uses sūtra 1-35 to complete its meaning. This process of flow through of a complete prior aphorism of parts there off is called anuvṛtti, a common construct in figuring out meaning of sūtras)

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