Sūtra 1-31

Sūtra 1-31
दुःखदौर्मनस्याङ्गमेजयत्वश्वासप्रश्वासा विक्षेपसहभुवः। (३१)
Duḥkhadaurmanasyāṅgamejayatvaśvāsapraśvāsā vikṣepasahabhuvaḥ. (31)
(Duḥkha-daurmanasya-aṅgamejayatva-śvāsa-praśvāsāḥ vikṣepa-saha-bhuvaḥ) (31)
Sorrow, dejection, unsteady body, inhalation and exhalation are innate to distracted (mind). (31)

Sūtra words
Duḥkha-daurmanasya-aṅgamejayatva-śvāsa-praśvāsāḥ and vikṣepa-saha-bhuvaḥ

Word Formation
Duḥkha-daurmanasya-aṅgamejayatva-śvāsa-praśvāsāḥ — First case plural masculine gender. This long word is a compound of five component words and is an  itaretara-dvandva compound, resolved as Duḥkham ca daurmanasyam  ca aṅgamejayatvam ca śvāsaḥ ca  praśvāsaḥ  ca.
duḥkha — (prefix) dus + (noun) kha
daurmanaysya — (prefix) dus + (noun) manas + (suffix) ya
aṅgamejayatva — a ṣaṣṭhī (sixth case) tatpuruṣa compound resolved as aṅgānām ejayatvam.
— (verb) am + (suffix) ga  / (verb) aṅg / añj + (suffix) a
ejayatva – (verb) ej + (suffixes) i, at, tva
śvāsa — (verb) śvas + (suffix) a
praśvāsa — (prefix) pra + (verb) śvas + (suffix) a

vikṣepa-sahabhuvāḥ — First case plural, masculine gender of a sixth case tatpuruṣa compound vikṣepa-sahabhū, resolved as vikṣepāṅām sahabhūḥ.
sahabhū, a compound formed by  the indeclinable saha with the noun bhū. The verb bhū without any apparent addition of a suffix (a disappearing suffix) becomes a noun under certain conditions.

Meaning of words
Duḥkha– sorrow
daurmanasya– depression
aṅgamejayatva– (mental mode causing) shaking of the limbs
śvāsa– inhalation
praśvāsāḥ – (and) exhalation
vikṣepa– distraction / agitation (of the mind)
sahabhuvāḥ – inherent / innate

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