Sūtra 1-29


Sūtra 1-29
ततः प्रत्यक्चेतनाधिगमोऽप्यन्तरायाभावश्च। (२९)
Tataḥ pratyakcetanādhigamo’pyantarāyābhāvaśca.
(Tataḥ pratyak-cetanā-adhigamaḥ api antarāya-abhāvaḥ ca) (29)
Due to this (japa and contemplation practice, there is) knowledge of the Inner Awareness and also absence of obstructions (to gaining samādhi). (29)

Sūtra words
tataḥ, pratyak-cetanā-adhigamaḥ, api, antarāya-abhāvaḥ and ca
Word Formation
tataḥ — an indeclinable (means the form remains unchanged, does not take any tense, mood, person, number or case inflection suffixes). tataḥ derived from (pronoun) tat + (suffix) tas
api and ca — Also are indeclinables.
pratyak-cetanā-adhigamaḥ — a compound within a compound, another characteristic of Sanskrit language. pratyak-cetanā — a karmadhāraya compound resolved as pratyak ca asau cetanā caadhigamaḥ — First case singular masculine gender noun adhigama, derived (prefix) adhi + (verb) gam + (suffix) a. Pratyak-cetanā-adhigamaḥ is a ṣaṣṭhī (sixth case) tatpuruṣa compound, resolved as pratyak-cetanāyḥ adhigamaḥ.
Antarāya-abhāvaḥ — another ṣaṣṭī-tatpuruṣa compound, resolved as  antarāyasya abhāvaḥ. Antarāya — a karmadhāraya compound resolved as antaḥ ca asau āyaḥ ca. derived from the indeclinable antar, and āya, āyaḥ – First case singular masculine gender of noun āya, formed from (verb) i + (suffix) a. Abhāva is another type of tatpuruṣa compound, called negative tatpuruṣa . It is formed from (verb) bhū + (suffix) a compounded with the negative particle na (which becomes a, the first syllable of this compound).

Meaning of words
tataḥ — Because of /as a result of / due to that (the pronoun refers to mental repetition and reflection of the meaning of OM, the content of prior aphorism.
pratyak-cetanā-adhigamaḥ — pratyak, innner-most cetanā, consciousness, adhigamaḥ, knowledge / understanding.  pratyak-cetanā-adhigamaḥ means knowledge of the inner consciousness (puruṣa, the indweller in the body which is prakṛti)
api — also
ca — and
Antarāya-abhāvaḥ – Antarāya obstacle, abhāvaḥ absence, absence of obstacles.

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