Sūtra 1-25

Sūtra 1-25
तत्र निरतिशयं सर्वज्ञबीजम्। (२५)
Tatra niratiśayam sarvajñabījam.
(Tatra niratiśayam sarvajña-bījam) (25)
In Him is unsurpassed Omniscience.

This and the following sūtra (1-26) are continuing definitions of Īśvara.

Sūtra words
tatra, niratiśayam and sarvajña-bījam

Word formation
tatra — An indeclinable formed from the pronoun tat with the (indeclinable forming) suffix tra, which is used to give the sense of the seventh case.
niratiśayam — From the verb śī with suffix a and the prefix nir. First case singular, neuter gender.
sarvajña-bījam — A compound of two words sarvajña, and  bījam. It is in first case singular, neuter gender. sarvajña — Is a compound of the component words sarva and jña. The first word is a pronoun and the second is a noun form of the verb jñā by a unique grammatical construct of adding a null suffix. bīja — Is derived from the verb īj with suffix a and prefix vi.

Meaning of words
tatra — In Him (Īśvara)
niratiśayam  — Unsurpassed or unexcelled
sarvajña-bījamsarvajña all knowing, omniscience, bījam seed, contextually it means source. Thus this compound can be translated as the source of knowledge.

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