Prakṛti: The word derived from the verb kṛ meaning ‘to do’ with the prefix pra (for emphasis) and suffix ti making the word an abstract noun indicating action represented by the verb. Thus etymologically it means doing / creating very well. This word is translated as matter or nature, that is devoid of consciousness.  From the stand point of yoga and other systems of philosophy, the word is meant to denote ‘that by which the world is created’. According to yoga cosmology, before creation this prakṛti, is composed of three components – sattva, rajas and tamas – in equilibrium, and the disturbance in this equilibrium resulted in this phenomenal world. Prakṛti is also synonymous with words like pradhāna, māyā and śakti.  Puruṣa and prakṛti form the foundation of yoga and sāṅkya systems of philosophy. These systems postulate an infinite number of puruṣa-s and one prakṛti. 


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