Sadāśivabrahmendra was a great yogi and a scholar who lived in the eighteenth century CE. He, like sage Patañjali, was a polymath, one with unique ability to succinctly explain difficult aphorisms in addition to many original works in different fields. His is an original short commentary to Yogasūtras, not an elaboration of Vyāsa’s commentary. His work is called yogasudhākara, ‘maker of the nectar of yoga’.

We are not aware of any English translation of this work. Even the Sanskrit text is no longer available in print, last republication was in 1983. On this site, in each sutra post,  we will start provide Sadāśivabrahmendra’s commentary in devanāgarī script, transliterated text with sandhis broken and component words of a compound as hyphenated words. In addition, we will give a rendering of the aphorism and an English translation. This is not a word for word translation. For clarity we have added some words in parentheses.

Also Sanskrit words, technical or otherwise, not translated are explained in the Notes section annotating with superscript reference numbers cited in the text. Hope this is useful to students of Yogasūtras.

The style in classical commentaries is to cite the connection first to the preceding aphorism before explaining it. This preceding section is technically called avadhārika, introduction.